I think about my work as a series of experiences, ideas and conversations coming together. It's a constant practice of research and ideas from a collection of personal experiences with larger cultural ones specifically about denying constructed norms. I work in abstraction because of its flexibility to embody an openness both formally and conceptually.

The starting point for all of my work is personal. I think about my marriage to my husband and the confines of heteronormative perceptions that are placed onto it, onto us, onto me. I’m interested in questions about monogamy, constructed norms, non-traditional relationships or gay culture to list a few. I often use anatomical shaped imagery that share visual cues with land formations, genitalia or organic/geometric shapes. I want them to remain abstracted to create an open-ended conversation yet find a familiarity with the viewer. Formally, these images embody a duality such as flatness to dimension, geometric to fluidity or shiny to dull.