My practice is an evolving one that is interested in questioning ideas around time, life cycle, power, subversion and order. Through a process of painting, drawing, and collage, I’m interested in imagery and forms such as mountains, as metaphor, because of their evolving transitions as objects—moving, growing, collapsing, or disrupting the natural world, much like our own elemental human conditions.

The mountain shapes I choose are images derived from digital technology and sourced as background imagery. I’m able to question the binary relationships associated with technology as photographed and printed by selecting, manipulating, ordering, arranging, and composing by hand. Investigating time as a concept is one that drives the work through process and use of the materials. For example, how might the paint construct itself with limited manipulation and a process of multiple layers? How does the imagery simultaneously function as mark and convey time? Or, how is material used to integrate or dislocate the composition from its source and surrounding materials?